MZ SFX Concept (Press release 2006)

The German motorcycle manufacturer MZ lifts the curtain of its design studio and provides an outlook to the direction of the future MZ-design with the latest Concept Bike SFx.

“Although the SFx is based on the current MZ SuperFighter, it is much more than just an exercise.” states designer Jens vom Brauck about the latest study from Saxony. “The SFx is a completely new interpretation of the Fighter topic incorporating the classic values of the MZ-brand:
simplicity, robustness and being refreshingly different.”

Jens vom Brauck, who became famous with several spectacular projects in the motorcycle scene as well as among designers within the last years, is responsible for the appearance of MZ since beginning of 2005.
The first project of the young designer from Cologne was the facelift of the 125cc model range of MZ.
He designed the popular MIG 125 as well as the top selling model SM 125 Gangsta.

Currently Jens vom Brauck is developing the new design of the next MZ generation, on which the study SFx gives a foretaste.

Vom Brauck’s objective: to create an ageless design, independent from the zeitgeist by doing without fashion gimmicks, to display the mechanic parts, to demonstrate toughness and longevity.
Visible frame tubes, all components arranged closely around the steering head, reduction to the essential parts - these are his basic principles.
The reduction to the essential of the design is at the same time an expression of the engineering concept:
The SFx is meant to be a simple, but mature bike, brute in its appearance, intense in its riding feeling, but very easy to handle, thanks to its modified steering geometry and the lower seating position.

Jens vom Brauck: “The SFx proves that even traditional virtues such as reliability and suitability for everyday use of the MZ bikes, can be combined with emotions. The brawny appearance it does not only stand out against other designs, but it symbolizes the indestructibility that characterizes MZ.”



Unfortunately the SFX remained only a concept